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Content Changed

Restored incest content: – Changed dialog for mother/sister/aunt – Replaced some edited images from earlier v0.14 Patch Changes: v0.2: Fixed locker background path v0.3: Updated to 0.16.1, added missing Roxxy dialogue

Patch Instructions

Download the “incestpatch.rpa” file, and move it to the “/game” directory On macOS this is located: “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” For Android: Install the game, run it once and close, save the incestpatch.rpa file to “/storage/emulated/0/summertimesaga“, overwriting any previous patches

Download v0.16.1 Patch


Sister’s Computer: BAD MONSTER
Porn Channel Sub: L6bv12R
Porn Channel Pass: 12345

Console Activation
! Note: Messing around in the console can cause serious bugs, only enable console if you
know what you’re doing and are happy to take the risk.

1) From the main game directory navigate to the renpy folder, then open the common folder
2) Find the 00console.rpy file and open with notepad++
3) Search for the line: # If true, the console is enabled despite config.developer being False.
4) Edit the line below from: config.console = False to config.console = True
5) Save and close the file

To open the console in game press: SHIFT + O
To close the console type in “exit” or right click

– Stat increase (+1, Max 10):
Increasing stats via the console WILL cause bugs, as events will not fire (especially
around the sister story line) so these instructions have been removed.

– Set Money:

Note: Android Users – uninstall old game version before installing this game version!!

Overview: After his father died leaving his mother, sister and him behind, their father’s death though was suspicious and police investigated it. He also left the family a huge debt to some shady people in Summertime Saga Update . So now he has to look after them both plus find the people that caused his father’s death, save for college and find a girl for prom.

Updated: 2019-05-03
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Censorship: None
DeveloperPatreon – Website – Wiki – Discord – Bug Report
Language: English

Summertime Saga Update is a high quality Dating Sim/Visual Novel game in development!

DarkCookie now has a team helping him deal with development of Summertime Saga Update Which means he can focus on the story, art and design of the game! The more pledges, the more time he can spend adding content to the game instead of working on his day job (freelance, mostly). He plans on doing a lotwith this game by continuing to add quality content and expand the universe (potential story expansions) over time so he’s in this for the long run!

The game is free as of now but if you pledge a small monthly fee you can have access to the latest playable version of Summertime Saga Update , watch DarkCookie work via his video stream, read or post Patreon-only feed on content progression and you get to help him financially which is greatly appreciated..




New Features:

  • Earn interests weekly on your savings at the Bank! Interest rate is 3%
  • Beach House price has been reduced to $5000
  • Santa riding the streets of Summerville
  • Updated the Cookie Jar
  • New quests and cutscenes
  • New holiday decorations
  • Cupid store interface improved with new items
  • Added time skipping functionality to all front yards (direct children of the map, including MC’s bedroom)
  • 2 new achievements to unlock (they are secret achievements)
  • Added a toggle for save locking (if you really want to load an earlier save file)

– This is on by default, which means it will prevent you from loading an earlier save
– This has no menu option (that is intentional)
– To disable savegame locking, set persistent.enable_save_locking to False
Rework of the codebase:

  • New Martinez character art and rig
  • New Consuela character art and rig
  • Added label notification (enable from the debug menu – General) for debugging purposes
  • Added night version of the treehouse wood pile, the scroll at the hill and the stick at the hill.

New Characters:

  • Meet Consuela Martinez, on Thursdays at the Beach House
  • Remember that odd item from Diane’s barn? You should start investigating

New sex scenes:

  • One new sex scene (2 angles and animations)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed save resetting when taking the Pregnax pills.
  • Fixed Diane being in the shed when entering for paint.
  • Fixed being able to check the school’s lockers at night.
  • Pregnancies are now in sequence (and not in parallel). This is to still be able to see each character at the hospital, even if they get pregnant on the same day
  • Added missing lewd Diane closeup (drunk on her bed)
  • Fixed being able to start the school delivery (Diane quest) on the weekend.
  • Fixed Tony meeting you for the first time twice.
  • Fixed “Debbie’s sleeping” dialogue triggering when Debbie isn’t in her room for one reason or another.
  • Fixed incorrect button usage during Diane’s evening visit (in Diane’s story, not Debbie’s)
  • Fixed hill tree screen not hiding
  • Fixed Diane’s outfit being the wrong one during the pie quest.
  • Fixed Day 0 Sleep issue.
  • Fixed being able to exit the stolen goods screen without taking the key
  • Fixed daytime scene on using the workshop in the garage when it’s night time.
  • Fixed time going back one tick if saving right after manually ticking time on the map/bedroom/etc
  • Fixed a bug that would trigger a night scene during daytime when entering the bedroom after watching a movie with Debbie for the second time.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Mia to lock you out of your sleep
  • Fixed a bug that caused Diane to never see you jack it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Debbie to be forever naked by the pool, if you slept before bringing her a towel.
  • Fixed being able to craft the glue for Dewitt at night time
  • Fixed the game.timer.image() function. It now displays images correctly regardless of period (Christmas, Halloween, …), time of day and extra information.


  • New Features:
    • Added the choice of vehicle to use in the pizza minigame. A more extensive rework of that minigame is planned for the 0.20 update.
    • Added a button to clear persistent data on the main menu.
    • Added a text for android users that entice to use the SwiftKey keyboard for an optimal experience. Click it to dismiss it.
  • Rework of the codebase:
    • Added Vector2 class for future usage in minigames and other purposes.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the pregnancy minigame crash, and adjusted the chance of getting a character pregnant
    • Added win/fail backgrounds to pregnancy minigame
    • Fixed Exception due to invalid pose on diane’s cookie jar scene 5
    • Fixed Exception on launch related to player not being defined
    • Fixed erik resetting on load/save
    • Fixed time not ticking after breed sex if not milking Diane
    • Fixed wrapping of words on the Cellphone Goal App
    • Removed keybinds for renpy voice narrator
    • Fixed diane ghost trigger on pie scene
    • Fixed bug “location_training” being undefined.
    • Removed ability to save in autosave slots
    • If default formatting was used in the save description, update when overwriting the save
    • Fixed overwriting saves losing data bug
    • Fixed missing arm in breakfast scene
    • Fixed AnimatedImages sometimes not being animated properly
    • Fixed player not being bumped to map when talking to aqua
    • Fixed incorrect call_screen at night when in Aqua’s Lair
    • Fixed Report Card not updating
    • Dating list was not bugged. Its behavior is intended although inconsistent for characters without a story.
    • Fixed Diane’s shirt dissappearing when talking to Richard
    • Fixed Diane switching clothes for a kiss in the barn
    • Fixed Veronica dissappearing when talking about Chicken Stock
    • Fixed Diane’s arm misalignment when in her bra and panties
    • Fixed AR Device overlay misaligned on player’s face
    • Fixed Debbie disappearing from Cupid
    • Removed Carpenter option from Diane’s button dialogues pointing to missing labels


New Locations:

  • Diane’s home expansion
  • Hospital Third Floor
  • Annie’s Home (Daycare)

New Character Events:

  • Smith event reworked
  • Diane’s story


  • Milking minigame
  • Drinks minigame
  • Pregnancy minigame

New sex scenes:

  • Threesome with Debbie and Diane
  • Cucumber scene reworked
  • Breeding scene reworked
  • Tittyjob scene
  • Blowjob scene with Micoe
  • New Cookie Jar scenes added

New Features:

  • Pregnancy! (only for Diane at this point)
  • Missed audio note cue for the music minigame
  • Introduction of the new character rig system for optimisation

New character art and reworks for new rig system:

  • Diane
  • Lilly (Comic book store)
  • Micoe (Nurse)
  • Maria (Pizza)
  • Tony (Pizza)
  • Veronica (Consumer store)
  • Ronda (Swimming pool and school)
  • Priya (Hospital doctor)
  • Richard (Annie’s father)
  • Lucy (Annie’s mother)
  • Debbie (Partial rework, majority of old art still in game)
  • Jenny (Partial rework, majority of old art still in game)

Rework of the codebase:

  • Removed Diane’s old code
  • Removed Jenny’s old code

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Mia not appearing at the library
  • Fixed crash on achievements list
  • Fixed long load time issues caused by Ren’Py 7
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent getting the glasses for Okita from Judith if you asked her to be somewhere else (same bug occurred on Mia with Bissette)
  • Fixed floating captain Terry
  • Pizza delivery minigame fixes

MOD & Extras:

Enable rollback + Mouse Wheel + Unren Fix:

Alright my dudes. Need you test it out and see if it works.(It works)

Rollback + mouse wheel:
1) Open your Summertime Saga Update -0.16.1-pc folder.
2) Extract the attached zip contents on there.
3) Confirm any overwrite.
4) Launch game.

If it works please quote this post and tell me that it does work. If it gives you an error please post it.
It works.
Fix for unren thanks to @booom313 :
1) Extract rpa.
2) Decompile rpyc.
3) Launch game and get error.
4) Go to \game\scripts and delete the minigames and locations folder.
5) Launch the game.

Download Fix Files

Complete Save except Diane's Story:

Saves and Persistent Data file

Note: Do not use your Old Save files with new versions as it will cause bugs to happen.
Reminder: You need to restart the game for it to pick up the new save files. Also if the same file exists at both save locations, please replace both.

Saves and persistent data file can be found in these locations:

  • Windows – <SS-game-folder>\game\saves and %AppData%\RenPy\SummertimeSaga
  • Android – Android/data/summer.time.saga/files/saves
  • Mac – /Users/USERNAME/Library/Renpy/SummertimeSaga (folder may be hidden) (thanks to Zylva)
  • Linux – <SS-game-folder>/game/saves and $HOME/.renpy/SummertimeSaga (thanks to Васалкар [КГБ])
  • Other – %USERPROFILE%\.renpy\ Summertime Saga Update (thanks to strayerror)


Save files look like The naming format is as follows ie is the save file for the 5th slot on the 1st page, and is the save file for the 3rd slot on the 2nd page and so on.

1-5-LT1 (1).save is not a valid save file. In this case remove the ” (1)” from the name of the file to use the save file.

Android Installation

Make sure you’ve removed all previous installs of the game, there seems to be an issue when doing an update on android.

Download Save Files

Extras: Lain's Mod Pack (0.17):

ModderMaim Lain (Complete list of my walkthroughs and mods)
Game Version: v0.17.5

Attractive Characters Mod
Changes characters to actually be attractive. Wrinkles and odd marks from characters’ faces have been removed. Currently 80 images have been improved for the player character, Eve, Grace, and Kevin.

Download: MEGA

compare.png gif_player.gif gif_eve.gif char_kevin_09_2x.png drugs are bad mkay.png 

Fan DLC Scenes Mod
This mod adds new scenes and quests created by fans to the game, so that means no more 4 month waits for new scenes! Right now the mod adds 2 new quests, animated scenes, and 172 new images!! Thanks to Jihef, Hefelo, and Kryptozoid for letting me use their fan art!

Start the quests: Go inside the tree house and you will get a message saying the mod has been activated.
Quest 1: Go inside the girl’s locker room to see Roxxy and Jenny undress, then go where they tell you.
Quest 2: When it’s daytime go to your living room for a scene with Jenny. The next time you go to sleep she’ll have a surprise for you.
Quest 3: Once you’ve bought the beach house, talk to Eve in the morning at the French classroom and ask to hang out.
Mini-scene: Complete Mia’s story, then when it’s daytime look at her room with your telescope.

Download: MEGA

mHome7.jpg mn17.jpg mn19.jpg 21.png 

Lain’s Walkthrough Mod
An in-game walkthrough for Summertime Saga Update lots of scenes and events! You can track your progress for each character’s story and see the requirements needed to trigger scenes and advance their story. There’s also tips and walkthroughs for increasing your stats and making money and a cheat menu you can use by going to the warehouse at the top left of the map. Look at the images below to get a better understanding of how it all works. Click the button at the bottom of the in-game phone to activate the mod menu.



PC: Unzip any mod and put the “game” folder from the mod in your ” Summertime Saga Update -0-17-5-pc” folder.
Mac: Unzip any mod and put the files inside the “game” folder from the mod in your “Summertime Saga Update -0-17-5-mac/Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder.

What is the Walkthrough Mod demo version?
The demo version only has some of the features unlocked. Everything is available in the full version.

Why is the full version on Patreon?
It’s because this mod took an astronomical amount of time and effort to create. I had to write thousands of lines code and create and design tons of images/screens.

Note to developers:
My walkthrough mods do not contain any copyrighted content or assets from the games they are made for. I’m only mentioning this because many devs are hostile towards modders.

Extras: Ikaruga Mod Pack (0.17.5 v1):


Hello Friends.
Got contacted by one dev, i won’t give mod who ask you to unpack the game and hack it the harsh way. From now, i’ll try to give you a stand alone, game friendly mod.

Spoiler: ikarumod_017_v1.rpyc : Contain only ikarumod, without incest patch. Compatible with v0.17 and surely futures one. Does not implement new branches

To install my mod, you just need to place the rpyc file into game/ directory. A message will pop up to inform you that the mod is loaded.

Mod Features
  • Removed lunch game screens
  • Skip new game Intro
  • Cheated mini games with cheats disabled
    • Maze (give max INT)
    • Rap Battle (give max CHR)
    • TaeKwendo (without breaking story)
    • Weight Lifting (giving max STR)
    • Basketball (skip win)
    • Fish (you choose your fish)
  • Talk to veronica in consum’r to get some money in clean game
  • Story Branches !
    • Mrs J both branches activated
    • June both branches activated
    • Mia branches activated (what a pain !)
  • Debug menu !
    • A debug menu is hidden into the game, you’ll need to click on a cock to see it. Be assured that it could be some at first time in first day of a new game.
    • Unlock all cookie in cookie jar
    • Lock all cookie in cookie jar (because why not)
    • Change day (very useful one ;))
Mod Changelog
  • v2
    • Patch plenty of labels (menu are labbeled and this is checked too now :()
  • v1 – v17.5 compatible !
    • Fixed ficshing bug ;)
Incest patch Changelog
  • Remove it because too buggy

Download:  ikarumod_0175_v2.rpyc


Previous Versions:

Summertime Saga Update v0.17.5 (711MB) | 2018-12-17

Updated: 2018-12-15
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Censorship: None
Language: English

Download for Android Download for Windows Download for Mac OS

Summertime Saga Update v0.17.1 (647MB) | 2018-11-06

Updated: 2018-11-06
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Censorship: None
Language: English

Download for Android Download for Windows Download for Mac OS