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SHIFT+O to open console

e.g. player_money
player_money=100 **set the player_money to 100
player_money+=100 **+100 to current value of player_money

e.g. girl_insertslavename_skill…



  • All NTR and sharing of girls during the first two weeks of the game has been completely 100% removed.
  • Added the option to skip the pointless open world sections during the first two weeks of the game and to skip the influence grind by automatically increasing each character’s influence each day.
  • This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for every important choice in the first two weeks of the game. If a choice is required to see a scene it will be highlighted so you don’t have to worry about missing scenes. Choices that aren’t important and don’t have lasting effects aren’t highlighted so you still have freedom and can pick your preferred choice.
  • A scene gallery containing every scene from the first two weeks of the game can now be accessed from the main menu. All the scenes are already unlocked/viewable, meaning you don’t have to replay the game to be able to see the scenes in the gallery.

Avoiding NTR:

  • Day 4: When Monique wears the slutty outfit the main character won’t say that now she’ll be able to attract other guys.
  • Day 4: The mom will now say she is going to a party with girl friends instead of with a guy on a date, and when the mom tries on the revealing dress the main character won’t say that the dress will help her get noticed by guys.
  • Day 6: Choosing to have the mom wear the revealing dress on day 4 will no longer cause her to get fucked by another guy. The normal night scene with the main character will play instead.
  • Day 7: During the morning handjob scene the sister won’t talk about having touched other dicks before.
  • Day 7: The mom will no longer talk about fucking the guy from her date (since now it never happened).
  • Day 8: During Clara’s story event Clara will no longer give James a blowjob and James won’t flirt with her.
  • Day 10: During Clara’s masturbation scene the main character will no longer tell Clara to imagine fucking another guy.
  • Day 11: The mom will no longer mention dating George during the morning and after work story events.
  • Day 12: The main character will no longer talk about Monique’s previous sexual partners after having sex with her.
  • Day 14: George is no longer the mom’s ex-boyfriend and is now a Cthulhu cultist (trust me it works).
  • Day 14: During the mom handjob/blowjob scene instead of saying she’s had a lot of experience pleasing men over the years she will now say she hasn’t had experience since her husband died. The main character will also no longer say her previous partner was lucky.
  • Other: The sister will no longer say she’s the school slut or is slutty for her friends at school when the main character talks to her at the house.
  • Other: The mom will no longer talk about George when the main character talks to her at the house.
  • Other: When clicking the condom in the mom’s room the main character will no longer assume it’s George’s.
  • Other: The main character will no longer ask Clara at the office about having other lovers or fucking customers.


  • Day 1: Added an option at the start of the game to skip the character / role setup and use the default incest roles and names.
  • Day 3: Added the option to stop your tests on Clara and Monique so it’s less embarrassing.
  • Day 6: You can now do the sister’s scene AND the mom’s scene at night instead of being forced to choose one and miss the other.
  • Day 8: Choosing to fuck Susan will no longer cause Clara to be mad at you.


  • Fixed Ashley’s default name from “Ashly” to “Ashley”
  • Fixed the “world_save_version” crash caused when loading a save
  • Fixed the “item_story_cleaver” crash caused when opening your inventory

PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “TheGiftReloaded-0.08b-pc” folder.
Mac: Unzip the mod -> Right click your -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Download: MEGA 

DISCLAIMER: The Gift Reloaded New Update is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are at least 18 years of age. To download please read our F.A.Q

Installation Guide & How-To Download for Android, Windows & Mac

How-To Download:
1. Tap the download button for a specific device.
2. Wait for the 5 sec Countdown for the link.
5. Click on the Skip Ad button on the above right of the page.
How To Install Files:
1) Unpack the compressed file with 7zip or equivalent.
2) Start “TheGiftReloaded.exe” and enjoy!

The Gift Reloaded NEW Update – You are an ordinary guy, living at home with your mother and sister, struggling to live your life. But one day, by a lucky twist of fate, you find a mind control drug that will drastically change your life! From now on you are able to influence the minds of everyone around you and you will use this ability to make your nastiest fantasies come true!​

Thread Updated: 2019-07-09
Release Date: 2019-07-06
Developer: Mr. ZZ Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: 0.08b
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English

the gift reloaded new update


The Gift Reloaded NEW Update: Did you know? If you become a patron to GeeSeki, you’ll immediately get access to as many as 262 patron-only posts.


Welcome to my AdultGameZone page!

the gift reloaded new update

Hello and Welcome to my Patreon! My name is Mr. ZZ and I’m creating adult games!
Currently I’m working on The Gift Reloaded, a first-person game made in Renpy.
It’s a game focused on corruption, influencing the minds of others, and harem building.
The Gift Reloaded is a reboot of the original “The Gift.”
Visit our website and board, join the discussion about TGR:

the gift reloaded new update

The Gift Reloaded on Discord: DISCORD

Charge upfront is activated!
What is charge upfront?

You play as an ordinary 21 year old guy, struggling to live your life, who is living together with a woman and her 18 year old daughter. One day, by a lucky twist of fate, you acquire as strange tonic at your work – a tonic that grants you an unnatural ability! This ability will drastically alter your life forever! From that point on you can influence the thoughts and feelings of others, impacting how people react to you… and you will use this ability to make all your hopes and fantasies come true!

But did you just happen to find this tonic or was it placed specifically for you?
Will you become a god in this world, or end up as a mindless puppy following smeone else’s commands?
Find out in The Gift Reloaded!
Progress: 70% complete If this goal is reached, I’ll hire even more people to work with me on the game.


v0.08b change log

Introduction of Nikki, a new character: Start her quest and discover her secret…
Continue Rachel’s and Karen’s quest: have some sexy fun with both of them!
Face your Enemy Mindlos and see your loved ones again!
7 new quest events added: 2x Rachel, 2x Karen, 2x Nikki, 1x Mindlos
V0.08 is completely save game compatible, no new game/save is required!
Fixed some bugs.

v0.07 change log

Changed the smartphone design
Added an app to give other characters a call: Call quest relevant characters, as well as your girls and get some funny responses.
Three 30fps sex-animations are now available for each of your 4 controlled girls: Blowjob, Cowgirl and Doggy, both available in day and night setting, witch sums up to 24 animations in total. Call one of your girls into your room and enjoy the show!
5 new quest/story events/parts: Dig deeper into the mind of Rachel and Karen, try to find your kidnapped friends and try to restore Riley Mansion to its old glory!
V0.07 is completely save game compatible, no new game/save is required!
Fixed various bugs in the open world.

v0.06b change log

– fixed a bug which crashes the game when clicking on “Start NEW GAME from the beginning”
– fixed a bug with Monique’s pictures not working in the bedroom
– fixed a bug which could occur while buying a book or a coffee with not enough money

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